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Update Local Document Organizer

Please update the Local Document Organizer so you can open files that you have already checked out. i bounce around many projects at the same time so if i could use the LDO to open a previously open file it would save me time.
about 1 hour ago in ProjectWise Design Integration 0 Needs review

Export issues to PDF

BIC missing Export Issues to PDF, and Import CSV files, General. please copy the existing functions from Connect portal to BIC, otherwise it will be hard to move over to BIC if we lack functionality
about 3 hours ago in ProjectWise Web & View 0 Needs review

Administrator Tab on Project Dashboard

Please add the ability for Bentley IMS Administrators to see all of their organization's projects from the Project Dashboard - including projects they are not a member of. Currently the only way to to view all projects an organization owns is by d...
about 21 hours ago in ProjectWise 365 / Administration 0 Needs review

Let iModel managers (validate) accept certain conversion issues

As an iModel Manager, I would like to have the possibility to mark certain conversion issues as accepted (because they are just minor glichtes). In our case, a file has some outlying elements (just two lines) that are out of bounds and not convert...
2 days ago in ProjectWise 365 / 3D Design Reviews 0 Needs review

allow all users to see itwin sync errors

Currently all my users will see the warning under an iModel that says “Partially Complete: View Report” they can also see the first report page that shows a count of issues per file. However, we have found that only users with “Validate” entitleme...
about 1 month ago in ProjectWise 365 / 3D Design Reviews 0 Needs review

Provide embedded scripting environment for Client-side processing of Chages to attribute records.

An imbedded JavaScript runtime environment that would allowing an administrator to write the body for a trigger. This could be inserted into a template function that has a JSON encoded object containing the current attribute record data passed in ...
3 days ago in ProjectWise Design Integration 0 Needs review

Have ProjectWise 2023 reverted to allow unsecure server for caching

On behalf of Parsons and other users, please revert ProjectWise Gateway and routing in DMSKRNL to allow for routing of unsecure servers. Currently, if PWDI server or older is routed through a 2023 gateway or caching server, the traffi...
23 days ago in ProjectWise Design Integration 0 Needs review

PW Explorer - Get links to multiple documents

ProjectWise Explorer is missing Get Links for multiple selected documents functionality. Such functionality is only available in PW Web, and forces PW Explorer users to switch to Connected Project in order to generate multiple links at once. Enabl...
about 1 month ago in ProjectWise Design Integration 0 Planned

RFI Package type should have confidential flag

Hello PWDM Team, The "Confidential" capability that was enabled on "Genera Correspondence" type is very helpful and appreciated. There are similar use cases to make the RFI Package type to have a "Confidential" flag so that it has limited visibili...
about 1 month ago in Deliverables Management 0 Future consideration

Notifications though email with Rules Engine when the WRE is set to Execute on server

When WRE is set to Execute on Server there are issues with sending email notifications. When fixing this could you consider adding in the functionality of the "State Change Emails" tool from "Most of Daves Tools" Description below: Synopsis Tool ...
3 months ago in ProjectWise Design Integration 2 Future consideration