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Allow skipping document Name, Description and Version window / Customize document creation wizard.

When a document is created in ProjectWise Web, the order of the screens in the "Document creation wizard" is Code (if enabled for the Environment). Name, File Name, Description and Version Environment Attributes There are many cases where the seco...
1 day ago in ProjectWise Web & View 0 Needs review

Renaming Form Types in forms for Issue Resolution

It is currently not possible to rename form types which is inflexible if you require the need to update the name during the project as it develops.
2 days ago in ProjectWise 365 / Issues 0 Needs review

PowerAutomate Action for Flat Set Content Update

An action in PowerAutomate to update a Flat Set with a new document or remove a document would help with automating delivery processes.
9 days ago in ProjectWise Design Integration 1 Needs review

Saved Searches Options (Folder Settings)

Saved Searches are forcing us to manually check out a file. We would like the saved searches to adhere to the document's parent folder's settings when using Open In Desktop App in PW365.
about 6 hours ago in ProjectWise 365 / Administration 0 Needs review

Server Health Monitoring Tools

It would be great if there were some provided tools with an intuitive GUI which provides us with real-time status of the health of our Integration Server.
about 8 hours ago in ProjectWise Design Integration 0 Needs review

Standalone AutoCAD 2024 integration install.

No description provided
about 14 hours ago in ProjectWise Design Integration 1 Needs review

Project Insights Reporting - Update Frequency

Currently Project Insights' reports are getting updated every 8 hrs. Ideally reporting should be real-time. However, to meet business requirements, we need to change interval from 8 hrs. to 2 hrs. Initially ticket was raised (CS0121548) and suppor...
about 24 hours ago in ProjectWise Project Insights 0

save saved view when annotating PDF

when annotating pdf, il would be nice to have a saved view of the issue found, the same way as in Imodel issue where we have a saved view of the problem
1 day ago in ProjectWise 365 / Design Review 0 Needs review

Select multiple projects in PBI Project insights

For proper comparison and analytics, we'd like to compare projects by being able to select more than 1 project_id at a time in Project Insights and in the PowerBI file listed here:

Deliverable Management view

The Deliverable Management view should have customizable features, such as resizing and column-based search. The ability to add and remove attributes as well
2 days ago in Deliverables Management 1 Planned